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Welcome to the page of "HOCKEY PLACE" Bar

During the 2023 Season, "Hockey Place Bar" will be open every Friday night from approx 6pm - 9pm whilst games are underway, and most Saturdays from 1.30pm onwards

The bar will be open on other selected nights / days based on need, availability of RSA Volunteers and a hockey event happening at the ground.

Whilst the Bar is open and operating, THERE IS A NO BYO POLICY in place. Patrons that do BYO may be asked to pour out their drinks on-the-spot, may be asked to leave, may be charged a corkage fee, or their clubs may be fined or penalised competition points or charged a larger corkage fee - or any combination of the above and as is allowed under the laws of NSW. THERE IS A NO GLASS POLICY for the facility

PMHHA is always looking for RSA trained persons to help out, OR if you would like to assist, PMHHA is happy to reimburse members for RSA courses. Please contact us for more advice and assistance surrounding this matter.

PMHHA Policy on Alcohol

All Hockey Place Bar matters can be emailed through to

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