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It is a great way for kids to have fun, keep fit, and make new friends! And who knows,
one day they might even play at the Commonwealth Games or Olympics!



  • SO much more than just the game of hockey...

  • The fundamental motor skills for future physical activity

  • The basics of getting and staying fit

  • The basic principles of health and nutrition

  • The acts of general discipline and commitment through a team environment

  • To respect older children and adults who provide valuable role model experiences

  • Important social skills, including cooperation and respect for other kids and adults

  • Physical activity develops motor and social skills and strategic thinking.

  • All of this in a safe and friendly environment



How old do you have to be to play hockey?

Hockey is for all ages. You can play hockey for a club from the age of 3. Most clubs have junior competitions from Under 8 until the age of 18. You can then progress to senior competitions for Men & Women from age 14.

When is "Hockey Season"?

Hockey runs over Terms 2 & 3, commencing after Anzac Day in April, and finishing before the September school holidays. 

What hockey gear does my child need?

To get started in hockey, all you will need is a mouth guard, shin pads and a hockey stick.
You can purchase equipment locally from Intersport or Rebel, or you can order online from hockey providers such as Just Hockey

How do i register my child to play hockey?

You can register with any club via their website. 

All clubs train and play games at the one location, so you can pick any team for any reason (shirt colour, totem, ties to your school, etc)

  • Venom (Camden Haven) - red & black shirts
  • Marlins (Port City) - green & black shirts
  • Thunder (Tacking Point) - blues & yellow shirts
  • Warriors (Wauchope) - blue & red shirts

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Can i use an Active Kids Voucher?

You sure can! You can get $100 off the cost of registration for the hockey season. 

When you register, there is a promt to put in your voucher number to redeem your discount. 

Apply for your voucher at the Service NSW webpage. 

Where do i have to travel for games and training?

All games and training are in the one location!

30 Hockey Place, Port Macquarie


  • Venom and Thunder train on monday afternoons.
  • Marlins and Warriors train on tuesday afternoons.


  • Kids under 14years play saturday mornings
  • Kids over 14years play thursday in the High School Comp (or they can also play in the seniors comps)

What if my child has never played hockey before - will they be okay?

Hockey is very accommodating to all new players. The sport caters for all levels from the beginner to the elite and encourages participation, fun and development. It is a true family sport for all ages.



PMHHA are committed to ensuring that all participants and spectators have a safe and enjoyable experience. If there is anything we can do to assist you to enjoy hockey please don’t hesitate to ask one of our members.

  • Our indoor clubroom have fluorescent lighting.
  • Guide and service animals welcome on all areas outside of the pitch.
  • If at any stage you need a quiet place to go, please ask one of your coaches or team staff who will happily help you find a suitable space.

"What is hockey? - Social Story"

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