Technical Officials

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Our Technical Officials or "TOs" provide a vital service to our association and the smooth functioning of a match. They provide an important link between the on-field umpires and the players and persons on the bench and act with the delegated authority of PMHHA.

To avoid distractions, TO's are to enforce the access provisons to the dug-out areas and limit this space to Umpires, Players and a maximum of three (3) support staff during any match.

Similarly, the TO should be dressed AND prepared to step-out on to the field to umpire the match should the need arise. 

PMHHA's Policy on the Roles and Responsibilities of our TOs can be found in the file listed below along with a "handy guide" and an extract of what is expect at the HNSW level.

Generally for our highest levels of competition, the TOs will be appointed by name. For our lower grades and juniors, TOs appointments will be allocated to a club or team for them to appoint.


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